The following facilities are available to students, staff and other members of the college.

1. Library: A well stocked library containing over 7000 books of interest and relevant subjects.

2. Playground: A large playground ideal for sports as Football, Cricket and hockey.

3. Computer facility: A dedicated computer room with Internet Facility.

4. Guest House: A well furnished guest house for use of dignitaries visiting the college.

5. Seminar Room: A large seminar room with ample space for more than 100 students for lectures, demonstrations and workshops.

6. Bus Facility: A dedicated bus facility for use of staff and students.

7. Music Room: A dedicated room along with music instruments for students.  

8. Canteen: Snacks and Tea service location within the institution for staffs and students.

9. CCTV: College is equipped with CCTV for security of staff and student. 

10. Parking Stand: A separate enclosed stand for staffs and students to park there bi-cycles and motor cycles.